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Sports Injury Recovery

In unraveling chronic (and acute) health imbalances, often complex layers of injury and trauma, mask the original cause of the problem. Many therapies today address symptoms, but don’t often strive to address the cause. A Biodynamic Craniosacral session works to address the cause and can help achieve balance by reorienting your body to your primary health, available beneath the current imbalance. Biodynamic Craniosacral can be particularly beneficial when recovering from a concussion, whiplash, strain, sprain, joint issues, restrictions, and limiting belief systems, as well as other sports related injuries. It can also be beneficial for injury prevention as it helps soft tissues to stay soft, rather than tight and dense which creates the potential for injury. It can help to circulate blood flow which is beneficial for healing. Because it supports the Central Nervous System (CNS) it also supports healthy immune function, balance and coordination, body awareness and mental clarity which is important to maintain during training as well as competition.