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Pregnancy and Prenatal

Pregnancy and Prenatal Sessions

This is a great time to come in for a Craniosacral Therapy session. BCST is not only safe but recommended during pregnancy, as it calms the nervous system of both mother and child, encouraging emotional bonding which can otherwise be short-circuited due to prenatal and birth stresses and trauma.  Structurally, I can work with the bones and tissue of your pelvis to help your body open and soften for birth, while also making pregnancy more comfortable. The Biodynamic approach can contact the Primal Midline of the infant’s delicate nervous system – the midline that holds our Originality, the state of perfection that enables us to be less affected by negative influences from our genetics. Also, although the growing prenate is highly conscious, s/he does not know the difference between mother’s thoughts and feelings and its own, so when Mom’s system is soothed and balanced during pregnancy, baby gains huge benefits. And when mom is stressed and uncomfortable…guess what baby is feeling?? Craniosacral gives moms an opportunity to relax, unwind, and get some comfort, but also to process and release often intense emotions that might otherwise be effecting baby on a neurochemical level. I can dialogue with your body and your baby to get you connected for the journey ahead, and I can support you emotionally regarding the birth process.  We can also visualize your ideal birth and create a feeling of calm and readiness in your body, mind and spirit, while encouraging a deep connection between You & your beautiful Baby.

I LOVE working with pregnant moms and facilitating a deeper connection with you and your baby, and with you & your body.

Birth Re-patterning

We all dream of having the perfect, healthy, relaxing pregnancy. But most of us have not taken the time to consider our feelings about birth. Most of us do not know much about our own birth, or that our birth can hugely impact how we birth our own children. Biodynamic Craniosacral can be a great way to process any leftover emotions, or trauma you may have around your own birth so that your story is not projected onto baby, and you are more able to consciously bring baby into the world.

Birth sets the tone for how we respond to stress

Birth is our first really stressful, potentially life threatening experience. It shapes how we respond to stressful stimuli in our future. For example, do we avoid really stressful situations, or do we seek them out?  Birth can shape how we respond to authority, how well we trust our intuition, how we handle transitions, how we handle hellos and goodbyes, beginnings and endings, it can shape our sense of timing, affect our self-esteem, our ability to connect and have meaningful relationships, as well as many other factors. If a baby can receive a series of Craniosacral Sessions after birth, they are getting an opportunity to release fight or flight energy from their system, and to re-pattern the way they respond to stress in the future which comes in real handy as an adult!

It is also possible for adults to do some work around their own birth experience.