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Becoming a new parent is one of the biggest blessings there is.  It is also one of life’s biggest challenges. And while I work with babies to resolve physical restrictions, I also love supporting moms through this powerful transitional time.  I like to remind my clients that you are not only birthing a baby, but also a mother.  New moms deserve as much love, compassion, and understanding as new babies. And like baby, mom’s body has also been through a lot. Receiving Craniosacral Therapy after giving birth can accelerate healing, and help the uterus and tissues of the pelvis to reorient back to correct positioning, as well as for mom to relax, release, rest, and unwind! Having a new baby is wonderful, but it is a big change that can create a lot of new stress, and Craniosacral can help Mom and Dad deal with this stress in a more productive and healthy way.