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Emotional Well-Being

Emotional Well-being/ Mental Clarity/ Anxiety, PTSD, Lethargy/Brain Fog

By complementing the body’s natural healing process, Craniosacral therapy is an excellent way to address Emotional Well-being, lack of Mental Clarity, Anxiety, PTSD and lethargy and brain fog.

We are all born with an essence that holds the key to our health and vitality. This essence flows in the system beneath all the emotional and structural imprints, beneath the trauma and beneath the stories. In a Craniosacral session that essence is contacted and the space is held for it to grow and move into the areas of the body that can benefit from its vitality and health. I will help guide you out of states of stress and tension into a more natural calmer state of being. Craniosacral therapy helps to facilitate a sense of calm and clarity from which we can begin to live a more conscious life.

Biodynamic Craniosacral in particular is on the Yin end of the spectrum, it is considered to be a very gentle type of therapy. Craniosacral practitioners focus less on doing mechanically what the body can do for itself if given the right environment. Instead, we focus more on the health in the system and as we keep our attention there the body is reminded that the health is always present under stress and trauma and it is reminded that it can reorient to the health that is always present at any time! This is a much more organic process that relies less on creating force in a system that has already experienced some type of force or trauma. Instead we create a nurturing environment where the client feels met, safe, and completely supported to let go of whatever needs to release.  This type of therapy is particularly beneficial for emotional well-being, it is very nurturing, and gives the client support around whatever is “going on” for them at the moment, and it allows for the space to safely release and feel supported without judgement. Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy allows for the client to reach a state of centered clarity where they can drop below the confusion and overwhelm and feel calm, centered, and met just where and how they need to be to feel supported.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy helps to create more mental clarity because when our body is managing many different areas of tension, or chronic pain or anything really it is somewhat distracted. As our bodies become more organized, so to does our brain, and thus there is less peripheral distraction taxing the system and therefore our brain has more of an ability to focus on doing its job since its no longer focusing on managing pain, emotion, trauma etc. etc. It is also beneficial for lethargy and brain fog for this same reason. If the brain is less taxed, it has more ability to focus, function, and operate more optimally.

Craniosacral is also very beneficial for Anxiety and PTSD because it helps to dissipate layers of trauma from the system and it can also help a client re-pattern how they respond to stress. It allows for physical and emotional support that one may otherwise not be getting.  Also folks with PTSD have been through very significant trauma, they often get into states of overwhelm and then either shut down or don’t respond appropriately, Craniosacral can help to re-pattern that as well.