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A Craniosacral Therapy session will begin with sitting and talking about any of your health concerns. Together we will discuss a brief health history and your intention for the session. You will be fully clothed lying comfortably on a massage table. It is important that you feel comfortable and safe at all times so you will want to ask for any adjustments you need to the lighting, temperature, potty break, etc.

During your session, I will make gentle contact with one or more areas of your body to feel how your nervous system is expressing movement, always listening to the subtle rhythms and tracking changes in your system until your body expresses its order of priorities for that session. I may ask you from time to time what you are experiencing, and will help you to stay present with that.

Sessions can last anywhere from 30, 60, to 90 minutes, depending on your needs.  The amount of trauma that you are carrying, and your bodies ability to process the work will determine the length, and amount of sessions necessary. It is important to note that while a single session can have noticeable effects, this work can also be cumulative and can often takes multiple sessions to achieve the results you are seeking.  You cannot undo in one session what has often been building for years, but each sessions unfolds gradually into another.  Imagine you are an artichoke, and I will support you layer by layer until we get to the heart!

During the session, you may:

  • Relax so deeply that you fall asleep
  • Enter a quiet meditation-like state
  • Feel as if you are dreaming while awake
  • Experience memories or insights while on the table
  • Enjoy a pleasant sense of warmth, softening, spreading, expansion, widening or floating

At the end of the session, you may:

  • Feel relaxed, but also energized
  • Have a more accurate sense of the mid-line (center) in your body
  • Find yourself breathing more fully and deeply
  • Stand straighter and taller
  • Feel more comfortable in your body
  • You may be surprised to feel a new sense of peace and ease as you leave the office to return, renewed, to your life.
  • Notice an improvement in your sleep patterns
  • Have a renewed perception of your health