Cathy Jones, BA, RCST®, BCST, LMT

I am a Colorado Native, who has always been into health, wellness, and all things natural, so it makes sense that I went into the field of heath & wellness, and have stayed in it since 1998.

Although I had been a Massage Therapist for a few years, Craniosacral Therapy totally snuck up on me and caught me by surprise! I was in my 20’s, and finishing up the last of my training for an advanced massage therapy certification. I was working with chronic pain and specializing in thoracic outlet syndrome, already becoming a neck specialist.

One day I was working with a client, and suddenly my thumbs began to move like the bumpers on a pinball machine over her forehead. I still remember thinking “Wow, this is so weird, and I’m not doing it. I’m just going to see what happens.

About 30 seconds later my client sat up, put her hand to her forehead, and said “Cathy, did you feel that, Oh my God, did you feel that? It’s Gone!

She then told me that she had a dent in her forehead her whole life (she was currently in her 50’s). While my thumbs were moving, she could feel her cranial bones shifting. She heard a pop, and felt a shift, and when she felt her forehead, the dent she carried her whole life was gone! It was instantaneous, and pain free.

Pretty soon after that, I told that story in a class I was taking. As fate would have it, the girl behind me tapped me on the shoulder and whispered, “check out Craniosacral, I think that’s what you’re doing.

From then on, I began studying Craniosacral Therapy, and that experience along with many others over the years has taught me that the human body has an amazing capacity to heal if it is met in just the right way.

I have spent the last two decades honing the skills of listening, learning how to meet my clients in just the right way, and deepening in my knowledge of the body.

I have been a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist since 2002, when I completed a two-year program at The Colorado School of Energy Studies in Boulder. To deepen my skills, I teacher assisted that program for another 2 years, and a few others. I had previously completed trainings in Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Nutrition, and Advanced Neuromuscular Massage Therapy. I have also taken several workshops, including a Foundation Course in Pre and Peri-natal trauma and its psychological consequences, Pre and Peri-natal workshops related to the effects of birth on babies, Equine Craniosacral Therapy, Doula Training, and various Yoga workshops.

I have worked extensively with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Whiplash, and other neck injuries, Chronic Pain, Auto Accident Trauma, Concussions and TBI (traumatic brain injury), TMJ/Jaw pain, and Headaches/Migraines.

I also frequently work with women who are experiencing life transitions of some sort and therefore are experiencing high amounts of stress and overwhelm.


Fast forward to today, and I have picked up several other skills that I include in my work. I tailor sessions to each individual based on her specific needs, primarily using Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and often add in some combination of Massage Therapy, guided meditations/visualizations, energy clearings, and sound healing.

When I work, I consider your entire history from birth to present, and I will hold every trauma (physical & emotional), accident, injury, etc. that you have ever experienced. I believe it is never too late to heal and that the body has a natural predisposition to be centered, healthy, and whole. I have learned that there is always more health than disease in your body until the day you die, and that health is just waiting to be accessed. I am extremely passionate about what I do, and I feel blessed that I get to make a living by helping others!