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Welcome to Cathy Jones Craniosacral Therapy

Are you ready to feel better, leave your symptoms behind, and begin to orient to the health in your system?headshot2

Are you done with suffering, but not feeling like you are getting your needs met with traditional therapies?

Maybe you are suffering from sleepless nights, chronic stress, headaches, or a feeling that you just can’t get organized? Maybe you aren’t having appropriate responses to stress. Or you have been experiencing Chronic Pain, or some other chronic issue. You might even have ADD/ADHD or sensory processing issues. Maybe you’re suffering from a list of symptoms and you don’t even know where to begin. For whatever reason, here you are and you need support, and want to feel better. I am so glad you made it here, my name is Cathy Jones, RCST®, BCST, LMT.

I am a Registered Craniosacral Therapist, and I enjoy helping my clients to slow down, and feel supported on a whole new level.  I will listen to your story, your symptoms, your entire body, and then, I will help you to reconnect to the health that is always present in your system. I enjoy helping my clients get to know their body on a deeper level and begin to recognize when it needs attention. I will help you begin to trust your own inner wisdom and you may be surprised by where this work can take you, a seemingly small symptom can often be the catalyst to releasing years of trauma and dysfunction. It is truly a journey into being!

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a light-touch hands-on therapy that enhances the body’s natural capacity for healing.  I have been working with bodies since 1998, and have been practicing Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy since 2002.  I am committed to encouraging your body to release restrictions that it has been unable to overcome on its own. Rather than deciding how these changes should be made, I track the Ebb and flow of Cerebral Spinal Fluid throughout its journey from brain to tailbone and back. I listen with my hands to the flexion and extension phases of the bones of your cranium and body, and I listen to your body’s responses and allow it to unwind, release, and reorganize in a deeply intelligent way. In the process you get the opportunity to experience the release of pain, pent up trauma energy, and emotion in a way that is noninvasive and completely nurturing!